mgr Katarzyna Penar

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The topic of my dissertation is „German- and Polish-language local press in the aspect of language and culture - a genological contrastive study“

The dissertation will be a written work in the form of a monograph, based on a comparative analysis of the press genres found in the German- and Polish-language local press. Its assumption is not only to show the differences and similarities between the writing cultures with reference to the classical canon of the press genres in both research areas, but also to distinguish and characterise both traditional and fuzzy, indistinct and even atypical genres, which are found in the latest press, including the local press. The research problem is largely a discussion on how to understand the concept of a genre itself, which is a fuzzy category, because a particular realization of a genre may carry traces of different genres, which often makes its unambiguous identification difficult. In addition to genological issues, cultural aspects will also play a significant role. They can be understood in two ways; in the context of a genre considered as a cultural category, and in relation to many local press texts which contain culturality manifested in the way of reporting the certain local events and the expression of attitudes towards tradition. The research corpus is the German regional quarterly Füllhorn published since 1990, and the daily newspaper Soester Anzeiger published in the western part of Germany, and in North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as the Polish regional monthly Obiektyw jasielski published since 1980, and the weekly Fakty jasielskie published in the south-eastern part of Poland Podkarpacie.

The comparative analysis of the selected press genres in the German- and Polish-language local press will show and characterize the types of texts which have been forgotten or intentionally excluded from the classical canon of the press genres. This monograph will also deepen the problem of fuzzy genres in the context of the local press. It will also allow us to determine to what extent the contemporary press genres diverge from the traditional collection of genres. The juxtaposition of two different writing cultures will contribute to the discovery of differences and similarities in a structure, function, or the mode of transmission (in the image of the sender and the recipient inscribed in the text). The research undertaken represents a novelty because of the link between contrastive and cultural linguistics and genology which includes genres that have not been analysed in this configuration yet.


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