mgr Magdalena Nowosad-Księcikowska

ORCID: 0000-0002-9231-4669

The topic of dissertation is „The translation of Italian commercial contracts in light of the sworn translator examination requirements”

Magdalena Księcikowska is MA in Italian Studies and Law. As a PhD student in Linguistics, she is writing a doctoral dissertation on legal translation of Italian commercial contracts. In her thesis, she discusses the place of a contract in the legal discourse with due consideration of studies in the field of comparative legilinguistics, text linguistics, translation studies and comparative law. In her research, she also draws attention to the key research concepts in comparative legal translation, translation strategies and techniques, as well as the role and competencies of a translator, which are significant for the quality and accuracy of translation. An important point of reference that concerns both theoretical and methodological aspects is the exam in sworn translation, like the requirements, exam form and assessment criteria.

The doctoral student’s scope of interest involves comparative law as well as specialist language and translation in the field of law, business and marketing.