mgr inż. Oskar Basara


ORCID: 0000-0001-7672-5209

The topic of my dissertation is: „Gaseous ozone fumigation of haskap berry and Japanese Haskap plants as an alternative method of plant protection against fungal diseases and improving the quality of fruits and extending their storage time”

The aim of the test will be to determine the appropriate fumigation time and ozone gas concentration. The planned research is aimed at establishing an effective technology for fumigation of haskap berries with ozone Japanese Haskap. Determining particular ozonation parameters could reduce the number of diseases and pests on plants. An additional aim of the test is also to determine the composition of the fruit after CO ozonation could allow for obtaining fruits with a better composition, and also extend their shelf life.


The research will help increase the scientific knowledge about the ozonation of haskap berry and Japanese Haskap plants. There is a research gap on this issue. The project is innovative and complies with the assumptions of the European Green Deal 2030. It will allow a closer observation of the physiological processes after ozonation, at various stages of vegetation. Determining the ozone gas fumigation technology may allow for its popularization of the method, which could lead to further exploration of knowledge on this subject. Kamchatka berry and Japanese haskap fit well in the Polish climate, the development of a new technology will allow for even more effective production. Increasing the possibilities in the field of plant protection and changing their profile of components beneficial for health will allow to increase the quality of the raw material produced, which may attract customers more than before.