mgr Natalia Sordon

Natalia Sordon.jpg [6.45 MB] ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7020-4813

The topic of my dissertation is „Status of funds allocated by the executive agencies for financing research projects”.

I am a PhD student in the discipline of legal sciences. My research interests focus on financial law, particularly in the law of higher education and science as well as financing research from Polish and European funds. I am also interested in funding scientific research and development works from public money. In my scientific work I focus on aspects of financing research programs from the state budget, i.e. the National Science Center, the National Center for Research and Development and the Ministry of Education and Science. In this regard I am interested in issues related to the implementation and settlement of grants.

Applying for research grants plays a crucial role in the academic world that is why the aim of my research is defining the status of funds given by executive agencies to fund research projects. Executive agencies are relatively new institutions both in Polish and European law. The functioning of executive agencies financing scientific research in Poland and the European Union has not yet been the subject of comprehensive consideration, hence it is considered to be necessary to fill this research gap. Undertaking this research topic is also extremely important from the perspective of the institutions that make up the system of higher education and science.

The primary purpose of the dissertation is to determine the status of funds granted by executive agencies established to fund scientific research in the form of research projects. This status is ambiguous as these are both public and private funds. This study will be done in conjunction with the functioning of Polish and European executive agencies that fund research projects.

The research undertaken within the framework of the dissertation will allow to deepen the knowledge on the activity of Polish and European executive agencies financing scientific research. The outcome of the research will fill the research gap in the scope of allocation of financial resources for scientific research and will allow to draw attention to the fact of limited financial resources in this scope. As a result of the presented analysis, conclusions de lege lata and postulates de lege ferenda will be formulated. The conclusions will allow starting a scientific discourse within the represented scientific discipline on validity, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of these agencies. The dissertation will be a practical compendium of knowledge and the results of the project may contribute not only to the development of science but also to subsequent legislative changes.


  1. Sordon N., Funkcjonowanie agencji wykonawczych finansujących badania naukowe w Unii Europejskiej, „Prawo Budżetowe Państwa i Samorządu” 2021, t. 9, nr 2, s. 67–92. DOI: