mgr Hanna Krukowska-Sitek

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The topic of my dissertation is “Conceptualization of the model of cooperation in the ICU therapeutic team based on the level of autonomy and coordinated nursing care over a mechanically ventilated patient.”


A physician-nurse collaboration is one of the most important factor affecting of high-quality patient care. The level of the professional autonomy of anesthesiology nurses, and thus the level of knowledge and professional experience, translates into the kind of cooperation in the therapeutic team. Many studies conducted so far confirm the thesis that proper cooperation between doctors and nurses improves the results of mechanically ventilated patients. Therefore, solutions aimed at optimizing the care of patients in a life-threatening condition are being introduced to the areas of Intensive Care. Nursing care coordination enables the competences acquired by nurses to be used in practice, thus bridging the gap between the theoretical assumptions of optimal care and activities performed in practice. Coordination, through its assumptions, positively influences cooperation between members of the therapeutic team. The anesthetic nurse, thanks to the professional autonomy she has, becomes an extremely valuable element of the health care system, capable of performing tasks at the highest level with undoubted benefits for the patient.


This study aims to obtain information concern current assessment of the level of professional autonomy of anesthesiology nurses, the current attitude towards physician-nurse collaboration, and to define the competences of coordinated nursing care for mechanically ventilated patients.


In this study, the inquiry form will distributed to approximately 1000 anesthesiology nurses and approximately 300 anesthesiology physician from 30 intensive care units in Poland from July–October 2021. Data will collected using the Dempster Practice Behavior Scale (DPBS), The Jefferson Scale of Attitude Toward Physician-Nurse Collaboration (JSAPNC) and the Nurses' Care Coordination Competency Scale – NCCCS for mechanically ventilated patients in critical care settings.


The results of this project will allow to create a model of cooperation between doctors and nurses, which will be adapted to the conditions of the Polish healthcare sector. It will show managers of Intensive Care Units the type of relationship that will translate into improving the quality of care, which will translate into positive effects such as shortening the hospitalization time, lowering costs or satisfaction of patients and their families.


Nurse-physician cooperation, professional autonomy, coordinated nursing care, mechanical ventilation, Dempster scale, Jefferson scale, NCCCS scale.