mgr Sandra Karlik


ORCID: 0000-0003-3272-687X

The topic of my dissertation is: Subject and objective determinants of eating habits, including the use of various diets in young adults”


Nowadays, there is a growing interest in various diets, especially among young adults, which are not always well-balanced. Their long-term use has serious health consequences. Scientific works confirm the statement that higher knowledge of nutritional knowledge is associated with better adherence to a pro-health diet. Understanding the determinants of eating habits and the use of various diets by young adults may be of significant importance in the nutritional education of people in this age group, and thus contribute to a significant improvement in their health and quality of life.


The aim of the study is to understand the subjective and objective determinants of eating habits, including the use of various diets among young adults.


The study will be conducted in a group of about 1000 students of the University of Rzeszów.

Data will collected using the author's questionnaire examining the sociodemographic data of respondents, the IZZ (health behavior) and the LKZ (assessment of own health) Scale - author Z. Juczyński, the KomPAN questionnaire for examining the views and eating habits of people aged 16 to 65 years - author of the Group of Behavioral Determinants of Nutrition of the Committee for the Science of Human Nutrition of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


This study will contribute to advanced information on the nutrition of young adults. This knowledge will allow their eating habits to be analyzed and possible to change them in order to improve their health and quality of life. It will also affect the possibility of planning activities in the international and global sphere, enabling the promotion of the health of young adults.


eating habits, diet, determining factor, young adults