mgr Dominika Zięba

ORCID: 0000-0003-3916-956X

The topic of my dissertation is “Expansion of cities with poviat rights boundaries in Poland in 2002-2018”.

I am a PhD student in the discipline of political science and public administration. My research interests focus on issues related to the functioning of political institutions, especially regional and local governments. I am also interested in issues related to international relations

In my dissertation I’m focusing on the processes of changing the borders of cities and communes in Poland which take place relatively rarely, but when they do, they are often accompanied by a wide public discussion and often social conflicts and conflicts between individual units of the territorial division of the country. The aim of the research is to describe the changes that have taken place in the territorial division of Poland in relation to cities with poviat rights after 2002, i.e. after the introduction of direct election of town mayors and presidents, to identify ways of extending city borders with poviat rights and to develop models, within which these changes are made.

Thanks to the implementation of the research, an important sphere of public administration activity will be recognized, not yet thoroughly analysed within the discipline of political science and public administration. Achieving the assumed research goal will allow to diagnose the factors influencing the success of initiatives aimed at changing city boundaries, as well as the effects of the territorial transformations. A synthesis of the causes and effects of the ongoing processes of extending the city borders will be made, and such research has not been carried out so far. The application of the case study method, so far rarely used in the discipline of political science and public administration, and other qualitative research methods (semi-structured interview) in planned dissertation will contribute to the development of research methods applied within the discipline.


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