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The topic of my dissertation is: Intuition, knowledge and abilities in teaching cello in I ground music schools”

My dissertation is about to concern cello pedagogy and I’m going to focus on education of children attending to 1st ground music schools, whom are in group age of 6-12 years old. Thesis which I am about to write will be characterized by interdisciplinarity. I would like to begin conducting my research process by comparison and discussion on already released publications on a verge of psychology, neurobiology, pedagogy, and esthetics concerning theory of learning. Afterwards I am going to refer to directly to positions treating about methodology of instrumental teaching, especially those regarding cello playing. Research problems, which I am about to verify do apply to following issues: repertoire selection for student, optimized structure of preparing musical compositions, efficient practicing, and aspects of public performances by young artists. The resulting of those considerations hypothesis’ I am going to verify by quantitive research through surveys conducted in groups of teachers and students and also qualitative, using observations and interviews with tutors and pupils.

In my research I intend to synthesize gathered data into complementary argument. I believe that this type of approach bears a mark of uniqueness because of Its holistic value. In my opinion this dissertation may be a very helpful tool to work with students, not only for cello teachers, but also different type of educators. However, in teaching methodology I will focus mainly on cello pedagogy, my research will be universal in the area of psychology and musical education which independently function on similar patterns.

I think that art fields for the long time hadn’t been treated as serious domains for research. It is gradually changing, and I believe it’s worth to follow that path, example of which will be my dissertation.