mgr Julia Wydrzyńska

ORCID: 0000-0002-9510-2282

The topic of my dissertation is “Sister bond - moral bond - areas of solidarity of contemporary women in Poland”.

Characterization of societies requires an analysis of the social ties that form them and exist within them. They are the most important resource of each community. Moral ties deserve special attention. The moral bond is a unique relationship to others, delimiting the space of identity with a specific category of "we". There is a lack of research showing the actual picture of the existence of social moral bond between women. The gender gap in research also affects the elements that connect and divide women. We are witnessing a change in women's awareness, identity and social roles. The fact that women are entering male-dominated domains, organizing protests to fight for equal rights, creating initiatives to support other women and going beyond their roles means more than just the presence of women. This means a change in the meaning of the term "femininity" and a greater sense of moral bond between women.

The aim of the research will be to learn and describe how women feel a moral bond towards other women, what conditions it, strengthens or weakens it, and what is the relationship between the moral bond and identity. Research questions will focus on many levels of the unit's functioning: the labor market, social media, family and male-female relationships. The questions will also relate to feminism, activism for the fight for equal rights for women, the broadly understood role of women in society and her identity. Particular emphasis will be placed on expressions of solidarity and support for women in these spheres.

The expected results of the research will guide future considerations on the issue of the existence of moral ties between the sexes. Carrying out research on this subject will allow us to look at the issue of moral bond between women in a broad way. As the social role of women is changing to some extent and there is greater solidarity and support between women, it is worth taking a closer look. Assuming that the moral bond occurs in the female sex, further research will allow to indicate their increase or decrease over the years, as well as to identify factors that may affect the degree of its occurrence - both in a positive and negative sense. Perhaps the expected results will shed light on this important issue of female bonding, solidarity and morality, and highlight areas where these components are present or absent.