mgr Artur Sobuś


ORCID: 0000-0002-8551-4574

The topic of my dissertation is: The problem of the concept of freedom in the 20th century on the basis of selected examples”

My research is mainly about: What is the philosophical issue of freedom from a theoretical  (meta-philosophy) perspective? How is this issue introduced when the philosophical tradition is considered as the object of study? (what exactly justifies the fact that philosophy is one of the elements creating a culture). Relation between being the subject and being free/experience of freedom? The problem of subject autonomy – the condition and the way to achieve autonomy.  Individual experience – the path of Levina’s: We autonomize through jouissance, the path of Kristeva’s: we autonomize through disgust. The theory of affect as criticism which enables us to analyze difficult and complex relations between migrant concepts, for example freedom.

My interests oscillate between philosophy – psychology – sociology – psychoanalysis and philosophy of mind. All these disciplines converge into one point: the human being. How do we think? Why do we think in this way and not another way? Do we have two personalities where one of them is hiding and the other isn’t. How does the subconscious influence us? What about our affects, etc.? What really controls us? I think that the dark side our humanity (the part which we do not know or maybe we are scared of but which is very important to look for the answer.