Requirements concerning knowledge of the Polish language


Requirements concerning knowledge of the Polish language for foreign candidates

  1. General requirements.

A speaker of the Polish language understands the meaning of key motifs of messages contained in clear, standard statements that relate to familiar matters and events typical of educational environments, spending free time, etc. He/She is able to handle most typical communication situations. He/She can create simple, coherent oral or written statements on topics that are of interest and known to him/her. The student is able to describe his/her experiences, events and plans.

  1. Requirements regarding specific competences.











Understands the key ideas contained in comments on familiar topics, typical for home, school and leisure related issues in a clearly formulated standard variation of language. Understands key lines of arguments in radio and television programs dealing on matters of interest to him/her if such information is provided slowly and clearly.


Understands texts, mostly consisting of commonly used words concerning everyday or professional life. Understands descriptions of events and feelings contained in private correspondence.

Understands the language well enough to enable him/her handle most situations in which he/she finds his/herself on trips across Poland. Able to join in conversations on familiar topics of daily life without prior preparation. Is able to repeat someone else’s comments to confirm mutual understanding.

Is able to connect series of short, clear, simple elements in a coherent, linear statement to describe experiences and events, expressing hopes, dreams and ambitions.  Is able to justify and explain own views and plans. Can narrate stories from books or films, describing his own reactions and impressions.

Is able to write simple texts on topics known to him or related to his interests. Able to write private letters describing own experiences and impressions.