Center for Technological and Basic Research Transfers


The following laboratories have been established as part of the Center for Technological and Basic Research Transfers:

  1. Foundations in production engineering laboratory
  2. Biochemistry and cell biology laboratory
  3. Environmental biology laboratory
  4. Soil ecology laboratory  
  5. Flora and fauna protection laboratory
  6. Animal production technology laboratory
  7. Plant production technology laboratory
  8. IT laboratory
  9. Chemistry and food toxicology laboratory
  10. Plant physiology laboratory.
  11. Waste management laboratory.
  12. Agroecology laboratory.
  13. Faculty laboratory for environmental health and agro-based materials analysis.

The center is currently engaged in implementing the following tasks:

  • Technology transfers
  • Basic researches applicable in technological development
  • The implementation of teaching procedures in the following fields of study: agriculture, biology, environmental conservation, food technology and human nutrition, landscape architecture.