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The aim of the on-line PRE-STUDY COURSES is to revise students’ knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, provide the possibility to adopt nomenclature and to introduce new subject areas, which will contribute to the medical studies that the newcomers undertake.

The course is obligatory for all the students accepted to the 1st year of the 6-year MD English Program, for Medical College of  University of Rzeszów 2024/2025 academic year.


  1. Students are obliged to access Pearson’s Mastering Platform on regular basis and fulfill the assignments and always follow tutors’ instructions and hints.
  2. The e-learning course will be available from 27th of August 2024. The access to the PRE-STUDY COURSE will be open from the moment you receive the codes from the Dean’s Office. The access to on-line textbooks will last for 24 months from the moment of first entry, under condition that your 1st log in will happen the latest on 20.09.2024).
  3. Each student will receive from the Dean’s Office [via e-mail] three access codes to the web page of Pearson Education Platform and should register as “student” at three courses: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  4. How to log-in to Mastering courses?

Important: before you start, watch the following

Your log-in site is:

  1. After initial registration in the system, students have to enroll in the courses, prepared by tutors from Medical College of University of Rzeszów, using access code  for each course delivered in a separate email to each individual student and

Course IDs:

  1. Biology course id:

course name:

  1. Biochemistry course id:

course name:

  1. Biophysics course id:

course name:

  1. Assignments for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics have to be completed within given by the tutor date and time. The deadline to complete the pre-course is 15.11.2024.
  2. Participation in the e-learning courses is monitored by the course coordinators. Individual result of each course will be acknowledged by the University Tutors for the final assessment of the respective subject from the  1st year curriculum during the winter semester of 24/25 academic year.
  3. The course coordinators are:

- Biophysics:  Dorota Bartusik-Aebisher, Ph. D., D. Sc., B. Eng.,Professor UR

- Biology:  Dorota Bądziul PhD

- Chemistry:  Dr hab. n. med. David Aebisher, Prof.UR

You will have the possibility to meet the Course Coordinators in person during the Orientation days 27th; 30th ; 31st of September, here in Rzeszów.

Additionally, please be aware, that:

- Flash Adobe Reader will be needed for the videos.

- Mastering will not work via Web Browser OPERA.

Should any technical problems occur, please, contact Pearson's Customer Service:

PHONE +48 22 306 07 79