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Lab of Literary Culture Research and Recordkeeping

The Lab of Literary Culture Research and Recordkeeping, affiliated with the University of Rzeszów’s Institute of Polish Studies and Journalism (former Institute of Polish Philology), was set up in 2008. Since then it has functioned in order to carry out two main tasks. Its first task is to acquire, gather and study texts (including most of all personal archives of notable Polish poets, writers and scholars) documenting literary and cultural life of Poles abroad. Its second task is to collect significant records related to literary and artistic culture of Subcarpathian region. The Lab serves also, as an independent research unit, additional informational, popularizing and publishing goals.

Among the most considerable collections gathered in the Lab is the archive of Professor Florian Śmieja – émigré poet, translator and academic professional specializing in Hispanic literature. The archive consists of complete annual volumes of “Kontynenty” periodical, publications by Literary Institute in Paris, issues of “Merkuriusz”, “Oficyna Poetów”, “Pamiętnik Literacki” (London) but also rare prints and manuscripts, including correspondences with Stefania Kossowska, Maria Danilewicz Zielińska, Bolesław Taborski, Jerzy Giedroyc, Józef Bujnowski, Jan Winiarz, Jan Darowski, Wojciech Gniatczyński. What is more, Śmieja’s collection includes limited editions of poetry and prose books (often with dedications by well-known authors such as Zbigniew Herbert, Kazimierz Wierzyński or Marian Pankowski)

The Lab provides also the archive of Jan Darowski – émigré poet, essayist and translator. In the archive one can find numerous texts published by Literary Institute in Paris, Poets' and Painters' Press in London or Polish-Canadian Publishing Fund, but also unique literary works signed with dedications by, for instance, Zbigniew Herbert, Bogdan Czaykowki, Adam Czerniawski, Wacław Iwaniuk and Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna. A variety of translations of Anglophone poetry and English renditions of Polish literature collected in the Darowski’s archive are of special value and importance.

Comprehensive archive of Kazimierz Braun offers novels, poetry, theatrology books, drama scripts, director’s notes, photos of theatre performances and letters (including many to and from Tadeusz Różewicz). Researchers can also be interested in the complete digital archive of Józef Wittlin and the collection of Janusz A. Ihnatowicz available since 2020.

The Lab offers also the access to a set of smaller collections that are currently being expanded, completed and gradually transformed into full-size archives. Collections by Andrzej Busza, Elżbieta Wittlin-Lipton, Anna Frajlih-Zając, Wojciech Gniatczyński and Wit Tarnawski are among the already available ones.

Not only books and poetry volumes by Subcarpathian authors are accessible in the Lab, but rare multimedia recordings as well: discussions with writers, poets and researchers, coverages of Q&A sessions with artists, reports of scientific conferences and jubilee events.


Availability information

The archives are acquired, scrutinized and indexed by the members of the Lab of Literary Culture Research and Recordkeeping, then stored in a Special Collection Reading Room in the University of Rzeszów Library. The archives are available for the employees and students of the Institute of Polish Studies and Journalism as well as for all the readers of the Library on standard conditions stated in the library terms-of-use (https://bur.ur.edu.pl/en) and the rules of copyright laws. The content stored in the Special Collection Reading Room is available only on the premises and after a request addressed to either the head supervisor of the Lab Professor Jolanta Pasterska or Grzegorz Dolata MA. The requests can be sent by e-mail (zbspec@ur.edu.pl) or made via telephone call (17 / 872-13-62). The Special Collection Reading Room is open Monday–Saturday from 8:00 to 15:00. An information sent to the Library in advance makes it possible to access the archives in the Arts Reading Room till 18:30.

Both members of the Lab and the Library staff are entitled to provide support in accessing the collections, obtaining necessary information and popularizing the archives’ content. Registry of the collected items is available on-line at the website: /kolegia/kolegium-nauk-humanistycznych/jednostki-naukowe/instytut-polonistyki-i-dziennikarstwa/pracownia-badan-i-dokumentacji-kultury-literackiej/english/archives


Members of the Lab of Literary Culture Research and Recordkeeping:

Research staff

Head: prof. dr hab. Jolanta Pasterska

Editor: dr hab. Arkadiusz Luboń

Curator : Mgr Grzegorz Dolata

prof. dr hab. Alicja Jakubowska-Ożóg

prof. dr hab. Janusz Pasterski

dr hab. Anna Jamrozek-Sowa prof. UR

dr hab. Zenon Ożóg, prof. UR

dr hab. Agata Paliwoda, prof. UR

dr hab. Anna Wal, prof. UR

dr hab. Jan Wolski, prof. UR

dr Michał Żmuda

mgr Erwina Dybisz

mgr Izabela Zahaczewska

lic. Kinga Matuszko

lic. Mikołaj Głos