Admission Procedures



Admissions for the2021/2022 academic year begins 31st May 2021.

Studies in the field of medicine at the University of Rzeszów are conducted in English while all other fields are in Polish language. A preparatory course in Polish language is available for students whose medium of study is Polish. For all related details visit our POLONUS Cultural Centre for Polish language studies.


Step 1. Create an individual account in the University admission system. If, however, you wish to apply for more than one field of study, you do not have to create other accounts.

Step 2. Enter your personal details.

Step 3. Choose your field of study.

Step 4. Enter details of your education (e.g. secondary school leaving certificate, bachelor’s degree certificate).

Step 5. Make payment for the admission fee.

Step 6. Upload the electronic version of your passport photograph.

Step 7. To participate in the qualification process candidates are required to provide the Central Admissions Commission with relevant set of documents within the time limit specified (a list of required documents is available at:

Step 8. Take the entrance examination if required by the specific admission guidelines.

Step 9. Check admission results at:

Step 10. Should you need a document confirming your admission for studies at the University of Rzeszów, print out the application form for results of the admission process, submit it to the appropriate KZR head office. Next, collect same personally or wait for the registered postal delivery.