Fees Payable


Admission fees:

In order to be considered for admission, every candidate is obliged to pay an admission processing fee as follows:

150 PLN in case of candidates whose artistic capabilities need to checked and approved;

85 PLN in case of candidates for other fields of study.

Should a candidate apply to be considered for more than one field of study the admission fee payable to the individualized sub-account ought to be proportionately multiplied. 

 Holders of foreign certificate entitling them for admission to undertake studies in English are allowed to pay their admission fees in Euros (EUR) due to lack of objective possibilities to pay in Polish zlotych (PLN).

ATTENTION! Payments of the applicable admission fee must be made according to the conditions set out in the schedule. Failure to make necessary payment within the time limit is equivalent to resignation from further participation in the admissions procedure.



Candidates can apply for a refund of admission fees only in the following circumstances:

  • 1) the applicable field of study was, based on the Rector’s decision, annulled due to insufficient number of candidates;
  • 2) the candidate made more than one payment for the same course of study;
  • 3) the candidate resigned from further pursuance of admission before the closure of the admission procedure;
  • 4) the candidate failed to choose any field of study, hence registration is considered not valid.


Request for refund of admission fees should be on a signed application form, to which your receipt of payment should be attached. Your application should be submitted to the Central Admissions Commission not later than 30 October 2020 (for winter semester admissions) and 26 February 2020 (for spring semester admissions).


Educational services fees:

Regulation No. 55 /2020 of the Rector of the University of Rzeszów of 15 May 2020, regarding fees for educational services charged students beginning the 1st and 2nd cycle studies as well as the uniform master’s studies, beginning in the 2020/2021 academic year and the amounts payable.


Student ID card fee:

The fee for a student ID is 22 PLN. You do not need a new ID so long as you are a bonafide student and there is space on your ID for stickers confirming your status. Payments are made to a sub-account number that should be downloaded from the website: https://wu.ur.edu.pl/  (Link link through other pages) by selecting the SUBKONTO tab and entering the required data.


Fees for student ID cards should not be paid to the account number to which admission fees were paid.