Fees payable


Pursuant to the regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education concerning studies, the admission fee chargeable for the 2024/2025 academic year is, accordingly:


  • 150 złotych - in respect of fields where it is necessary to check artistic aptitude, ie: artistic education in the field of musical arts, graphics, jazz and popular music, visual arts;
  • 100 złotych - for an entrance examination for fields like speech therapy with teaching Polish as a foreign language, physical education;
  • 85 złotych – for other fields of study.



  • Candidates that opted to register for several fields of study, are obliged to pay the enrollment fee for each of them.
  • The admission fee is paid via the individual sub-account generated for each candidate by the university admission platform. Payment entitled: admission fee, candidate number.
  • The crediting of the University’s account takes about 3 working days.