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Analecta Archaeologica Ressoviensia - tom 9

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Katarzyna Piątkowska: Co-evolution of the upper limbs of early hominids and the origins of stonecraft

Aleksandra Kuczyńska-Zonik: Gravettian Ceramic Firing Techniques in Central and Eastern Europe

Seweryn Rzepecki: Two water wells of the LBK culture from the north part of the site of Kruszyn 3/10, Włocławek commune

Joannna Nowak: Stone artefacts made of amphibolite from the settlement of the Linear Band Pottery culture at the site 22 in Świlcza (com. Świlcza), in the context of the settlement network in the area of Rzeszów

Andrzej Gackowski and Marcin Białowarczuk: Settlement of Danubian cultures in the area of Świecie Plateau

Stanisław Wilk: An elite burial from the Copper Age: Grave 8 at the cemetery of the Lublin-Volhynian culture at Site 2 in Książnice, the Świętokrzyskie province

Anita Szczepanek: An anthropological analysis of a skeleton from the Lublin-Wołyń culture grave in Książnice, site 2, the commune of Pacanów, Świętokrzyskie voivodeship

Danuta Makowicz-Poliszot: Animal bone material from Lublin-Volhynia Grave 8 at Site 2 in Książnice, the Pacanów commune, Świętokrzyskie voivodeship

Natalya Skakun, Vera Terekhina and Elena Tsvek: The main stages of the history of research of the western area of the Trypillian culture

Weronika Skrzyniecka: The problem of horse domestication. Selected issues

Magdalena H. Rusek: The development of society. The Maya state in the Pre-Classic period (1800 BC – 200 AD)

Halyna Panakhyd: “Thirty years have passed …”. Jubilee Rzeszów Archaeological Conference