AAR - tom 13


Analecta Archaeologica Ressoviensia - tom 13

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Iwona Florkiewicz, Marcin Wołoszyn: Gone with the Wind? Early Medieval Central Places in Today’s Rural Areas

Paweł Grata: Poland A and Poland B – Developmental Disproportions on Polish Lands in the 19th and 20th c. (Prior to 1939)

Michał Pawleta: The Ludification of the Archaeological Past –Opportunities and Threats

Laïla Ayache, Katarzyna Skowron: Une ville gauloise cachée dans la forêt – l’exploration et la mise en valeur de l’oppidum de Bibracte (France)

Kirił Marinow: The Northern Latins on the Bosphorus? A Few Words on East Mediterranean, Byzantine and Orthodox Studies in the Ceraneum Centre, University of Łódź (Poland)

Błażej Stanisławski, Şengül Aydingün: Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Investigations in East Thrace

Perica Špehar, Nevena Debljović Ristić, Olga Špehar: Stari (Old) Ras and Sopoćani: Challenges and Opportunities in Managing UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Ágnes Ritoók: Blowing in the Wind, Sinking in the Swamp: Mosaburg – Zalavár

Matej Ruttkay, Karol Pieta, Zbigniew Robak: Reconstruction and Making Archaeological Sites Available to the Public – the Case of the Early Medieval Sites in Nitra and Bojná

Michael Strobel, Thomas Westphalen: Ist Gana noch zu retten? Über den Zustand frühmittelalterlicher Burgen im ländlichen Sachsen

David F. Hölscher: From Prosperity to Oblivion: The Slavic Settlement at Gaarz in Ostholstein

Charlotta Lindblom: UNESCO and World Heritage Management in Jelling – Opportunities and Challenges

Agnieszka Stempin: The Early Piast Settlement on Ostrów Tumski (Cathedral Island) in Poznań – the Popularisation of Heritage from the Standpoint of the Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve

Arkadiusz Tabaka: Historical Cultural Spaces – Adaptation and Functioning. The Case of the Museum of the First Piasts at Lednica

Maciej Trzeciecki: The Stronghold on St. Peter’s Hill in Radom (Poland). Archaeology, Biography of the Place, and Practices of Memory

Bartłomiej Bartecki: The Goths’ Return to the Hrubieszów Basin. The Social Use of Archaeological Heritage for Building a Local Identity
Marek Florek: Some Issues Related to the Problem of Heritage Conservation of Archaeological Complexes in Czermno (Tomaszów Lubelski County) and Gródek
Jan Gancarski, Paweł Madej: The Carpathian Troy Archaeological Open-Air Museum in Trzcinica as a Proposal of Using an Archaeological Site for Tourism and Protection of Cultural Heritage
Vira Hupalo: The Princely City of Zvenyhorod: The State of Conservation, the Concept of Protective Measures and the Prospect of Scientific Research
Anna Peskova, Kirill Mikhaylov: The Large Fortified Settlement Near Shepetivka: History of the Medieval Settlement –History of the Archaeological Site
Tatjana Nekljudova, Alexander Baškov: Das archäologische Museum „Berestje“. Die Geschichte der Musealisierung der archäologischen Stätte und die aktuelle Museumsentwicklung
Justina Poškienė: Lithuanian Troy: Preservation and Interpretation of Kernavė, a UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological Site