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Analecta Archaeologica Ressoviensia - tom 12

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Editor's note

Thomas Saile, Martin Posselt: Zur Erkundung einer bandkeramischen Siedlung bei Hollenstedt (Niedersachsen)

Mateusz Cwaliński, Jakub Niebieszczański, Dariusz Król: The Middle, Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Cemetery in Skołoszów, site 7, Dist. Jarosław, in the Light of the Results of Non-invasive Archaeological Survey in 2016

Marcin M. Przybyła, Ghenadie Sîrbu, Małgorzata Rybicka, Dariusz Król, Livia Sîrbu: Some Results of the Geophysical Investigation at the Late Eneolithic Settlement of Gordineşti II-Stînca goală, Edineț District, Republic of Moldova

Przemysław Makarowicz, Mateusz Cwaliński, Jakub Niebieszczański, Jan Romaniszyn: Barrows from the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age in the Upper Dniester River Basin in Ukraine. Geophysical Research and Archaeological Verification

Victor Sava, Florin Gogâltan: The Bronze Age Fortifications in Munar “Wolfsberg”, Arad County. The 2014 and 2017 Archaeological Researches

Alexandru Popa: Recent Magnetometric Researches at Zoltan, Covasna County. Some Observations Regarding the Limits and Inner Structure of the Noua Settlement in the Place Called “Nisipărie”

Agnieszka Půlpánová-Reszczyńska,Marek Půlpán, Roman Křivánek: Geophysical Survey and Archaeological Excavations at the Roman Period Cemetery in Nezabylice (Chomutov District, Northwest Bohemia)

Sebastian Messal, Bartłomiej Rogalski: Frühe Slawen im Pyritzer Land. Deutsch-polnisches Forschungsprojekt 2010–2013

Joanna Pilszyk, Piotr Szmyd: Use of LIDAR ISOK data Available With the Use of Geoportal 2 Website for Discovering Archaeological Sites

Piotr Wroniecki, Roman Brejcha, Jerzy Sikora: Knowing Without Digging? Non-invasive Research of the Krzczonów Earthwork and its Surroundings

Mirosław Furmanek, Piotr Wroniecki: Erased by the Plough, Spotted from the Air. Remains of Earthwork Sites from Silesia

Kamil Karski, Sebastian Różycki, Aleksander Schwarz: Memories of Recent Past. Objectives and Results of Non-invasive Archaeological Research Project at KL Plaszow Memorial Site

Dawid Kobiałka: Airborne Laser Scanning and 20th Century Military Heritage in the Woodlands

Wojciech Pasterkiewicz, Bernadeta Rajchel: Application of GPR Survey in the Investigation of a Plane Crash from the Second World War
Joanna Pyzel: Field Survey Versus Excavation – Compatibility of Results Illustrated by the Example of Selected Sites from the A1 Motorway in the Włocławek Province, Poland
Piotr Szmyd: Using Geografic Information System (Gis) Tools to Determine the Settlement Preferences in the Upper Wisłoka Valley and to Demarcate Potential Archeological Sites on the Example of Early Medieval Sites
Marta Połtowicz-Bobak (review): Tadeusz Wiśniewski (ed.) Klementowice. A Magdalenian site in eastern Poland
Valeska Becker (review): Michael Doneus, Die hinterlassene Landschaft –Prospektion und Interpretation in der Landschaftsarchäologie. Mitteilungen der Prähistorischen Kommission 78.
Sławomir Kadrow (review): Marzena Szmyt (ed.) 2016. Biały Potok. Materials from Józef Kostrzewski’s Podolia Excavations
Thomas Saile: Weißes Gold. Anmerkungen zu den jüngsten ethnoarchäologischen Studien über die vorindustrielle Salzgewinnung in der rumänischen Region Moldau
Michał Dzik: Straying from the Path of Research into the Magic and Funerary Rites of Early Medieval Slavs
Sławomir Kadrow: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Bernhard Hänsel (24/05/1937 – 01/04/2017)
Constantin Preoteasa: International Colloquium. Beyond Excavation. Geophysics, Aerial Photography and the Use of Drones in Eastern and South-East European Archaeology, 5–8 December 2016, Piatra-Neamț, Romania
Marcin Szeliga:  The First Chronometric Markings of the Late Stage of the LPC in the Northern Foreland of the Sandomierz Upland