Rok 2021

PUBLIKACJE 200 punktów

  1. Pawlus P., Reizer R., Wieczorowski M.: Analysis of surface texture of plateau-honed cylinder liner – A review.
    Precision Engineering 2021, 72, pp. 807-822.

PUBLIKACJE 140 punktów

  1. Gawlińska-Nęcek K., Wlazło M., Socha R., Stefaniuk I., Major Ł., Panek P.: Influence of Conditioning Temperature on Defects in the Double Al2O3/ZnO Layer Deposited by the ALD Method 
    Materials 2021, 14, 1038.
  2. Pawlus P., Reizer R., Wieczorowski M.: Functional importance of surface texture parameters
    Materials 2021, 14(18), 5326
  3. Grochowina M., Leniowska L.Applying DCT combined cepstrum for arteriovenous fistula state estimation
    Conference Proceedings of Computational Science – ICCS 2021, Cracow, Poland 16-18 Jun 2021, (LNCS, volume 12744) Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 12744).

PUBLIKACJE 100 punktów

  1. Pichla M., Bartosz G., Stefaniuk I., Sadowska-Bartosz I.: pH-Responsive Redox Nanoparticles Protect SH-SY5Y Cells at Lowered pH in a Cellular Model of Parkinson's Disease 
    Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2021, 26(3)
  2. Kwater T., Hawro P., Bartman J., Mazur D.: The algorithm of adaptive determination of amplification of the PD filter estimating object state on the basis of signal measurable on-line 
    Archives of Control Sciences, 2021, vol. 31, No 1, 129-143
  3. Dubiel Ł., Wal A., Stefaniuk I., Żywczak A., Maziarz W.: Electron magnetic resonance study of the Ni47Co3Mn35.5In14.5 ribbons 
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 530, 2021, 167930.