Ph.D. Sławomir Rębisz

  • Jednostka:
    Institute of Education
  • Budynek: B1. - ul. Ks. Jałowego 24
  • Pokój: 221
  • Nr telefonu: +48 17 872 1821
  • Email: [email protected]
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-2458-0842
  • Konsultacje: Tydzień A/Week A - Piątek/Friday - 13:15-14:45 (1.15. p.m - 2:45 p.m), pok./room 221; Tydzień B/Week B - Środa/Wednesday: 12:00-13:30 (12:00 - 1:30 p.m.) pok./room 221


SŁAWOMIR RĘBISZ, PhD. (Assist. Prof.) – He is graduate of two faculties (full-time, M.A. Programme): in Political and Social Sciences (1994) as well as in Sociology (1997). He also was awarded a Senior Manager of Continuing Education Certificate at Kennesaw State University, University System of Georgia, USA (2000). He defended his Ph.D. dissertation at the Department of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland (2005). He also is an alumnus of prestigious of Salzburg Seminar – Session 436 in Austria (2006). From 1995 to 2011, he was working at the Institute of Sociology, the University of Rzeszów Poland, Section of Applied Sociology and Communication, where from academic year 2007-2009, he also was a Coordinator for International Programmes. At present, he works at the Institute of Education, Department of School and Mediatized Society Research, Rzeszów University (UR), Poland (PL). In 2017 he was honoured with the Medal of the Commission of National Education.


His research interests focus on (1) scientific careers and the range and directions changes in higher education after 1989 (especially in Central and Eastern Europe), (2) bibliometric analysis, (3) the cross-border and Euroregional cooperation within CEE, (4) but also in the feelings of loneliness and (5) problematic use of new media.


2021-2023 - Project manager of the international project entitled: MC-VIEW: Media literacy and Critical VIEWing as effective outreach to learning throughout life by people with fewer opportunities, supported by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) – the Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme - Adult Education, Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Project number:  2020-1-PL01-KA204-081921. The MC-VIEW project’s main goal is to foster adult education on media literacy through the development of a set of skills on media, information, and digital competences, as well as capacitate adult educators. The project is implemented with partners from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

2014 – The main Research Manager of the micro-project – “ABC of Studying and Working in Poland” supported by Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine 2007-2013 (The research was carried out in 3 countries (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus)

2014– Administrative Assistant of the Umbrella Project: The promotion of the Polish and Ukraine common historical-cultural heritage – The Przemyśl Fortress” realized by Association of Carpathian Euroregion Poland, supported by Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine 2007- 2013

2009 – 2010 - Member of the research team of the project "Between Migration and Grey Market. The Forms of Occupational Adaptation of Upper Secondary School Graduates". (BD-CENTER), under the POKL programme (project No: WND-POKL.06.01.01-18-169/08) - supported by European Union Funds

2004 – 2006– Participating as an expert from the Polish side within International Project: Assessing intercultural skills in adult education – EU-Programme SOCRATES GRUNDTVIG 1, European Cooperation Projects and Training Courses No.: 114120-CP-1-2004-1-DE-GRUNDTVIG-G11PP.

2003– Participating within International Project: Research and Analysis of Community Economic Development in the Carpathians for the Carpathian Foundation, realized by Association For Innovation and Technology Transfer „Horizons” in Rzeszów. Responsible for a part of the project: EU enlargement and future in the Carpathian Euroregion

1999-2001 – Individual Research Grant for Project: The Needs and Possibilities for Common-border Cooperation within the Carpathian Euroregion, awarded by Research Support Scheme of the Open Society Support Foundation (RSS No.: 66/1999). The research was carried out in 5 countries (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine)


2021/2022 - Bilateral State Scholarship – research stay scholarship in Hungary at the Institute of Sociology, Miskolc University, Hungary. Scholarship from the Tempus Public Foundation/ Tempus Közalapítvány (Registration number: AK-00203-002/2021)

2014 – Scholarship for study visit at the Kennesaw State University, College of Continuing and Professional Education (USA) – “UR – Modernity and Future of the Region”. Project co-founded by European Union in the framework of the European Social Found (Improving Human Capital – UDA- POKL.04.01.01-00-068/10-00)

2011/2012 – Internship abroad at the Central European University, Budapest, Department of Public Policy, Hungary – Building of the didactic potential at the University of Rzeszow on the European level (Improving Human Capital – the Project No.: 1/ POKL / 4.1.1/2009)

2011/2012 – Research stay scholarship at the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia. Scholarship of the National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic

2011/2012 – Research stay scholarship at the Institute of Sociology, Miskolc University, Hungary. Scholarship from the Balassi Institute – Hungarian Scholarship Board Office (HSB Office) – Reference number: MÖB/164-2/2010


  • In May 2021, by the decision of the Qualification Committee of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) –the Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme he was included in the Expert Database of the National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme and European Solidarity Corps in the „Higher Education” sector for the years 2021-2027
  • Since 2019, he has been an external expert of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE) – the Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme, in the „Higher Education” sector
  • Since 2018, he has been in the base of external experts of the Polish National Agency For Academic Exchange (NAWA)
  • Since 2016, he has been nominated as an external expert (reviewer) of the Nationwide Programme of Accreditation of Fields of Study in Poland– „Studies with the Future”.
  • In 2009, he took part in a special working group preparing, under management of Prof. Jerzy Woźnicki, a project of a new Strategy Policy of Higher Education Development in Poland: 2010 – 2020 – an Academic Project


He took part in many conferences (59): 28 international (Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Austria, USA) and 31 domestics.


Since 2008 he has delivered lectures at the foreign Universities within framework of LLP-Erasmus Programme, Individual Teaching Programme for Teaching Staff Mobility:

  • 2022 - University of J.E. Purkyne in Usti nad Labem (Czech Rep.)
  • 2020 – Univesristy of Novi Sad (Serbia)
  • 2019 – Kennesaw State University (USA)
  • 2017 – Palacký University Olomouc (Czech Rep.)
  • 2012 – University of Miskolc (Hungary),
  • 2010 – Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia)
  • 2010 – West University of Timisoara (Romania)
  • 2009 – Universidad de Córdoba (Spain)
  • 2008 – University of Oradea (Romania)
  • 2008 – Szent István University, Gödöllő (Hungary)

He is the author of the 56 publications, including 24 in English (including 6 articles on the WoS and 8 on the Scopus database, 118 citations on WoS and 131 citations on Scopus; IF = 8.091); according to Google Scholar and Publish or Perish h-index = 9, total number of citations 488), and 32 in Polish. He is also co-editor of one book, as well as author of two and co-author of one monograph. As a reviewer cooperating with the journal indexed in WoS and Scopus.