Online Linguistic Support

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (2021-2027)
ECHE - 101009165
Erasmus code - PL RZESZOW02
PIC - 984448830, OID - E10171468



The Erasmus+ program offers students language proficiency tests and online language courses, i.e. OLS (Online Linguistic Support), i.e. a tool for assessing language competences and improving foreign language skills for participants of long-term mobility in the Erasmus+ program.

OLS is obligatory for students for whom the language of instruction (study)/ working language (practice) is: English, Czech, Danish, French, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and Italian Bulgarian, Croatian, Finnish, Romanian , Slovak, Hungarian. In the following years, it is planned to gradually expand the system to other official EU languages.

Before going abroad students will be required to complete an online language test. Students will also be allocated a license for an online course.