Jarosław Dziadek

Jarosław Dziadek has graduated from University of Łódź, Poland. In 1990 he obtained an MSc degree in biology and a 1993 Ph.D. degree in microbiology. His Ph.D. thesis was focused on the molecular and genetic study of fast-growing mycobacteria able to biotransform sterols. In 1994 he was a JSPS Fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Yoshikatsu Murooka, Dept. of Fermentation Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan. In 1999 he was a Fulbright Fellow and then a post-doctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Malini Rajagopalan, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Texas, Health Centre at Tyler, Texas, U.S.A. investigating mycobacterial replication and cell division. Since 2002 he is a Professor and Head of Mycobacterium Genetics and Physiology Laboratory at the Centre of Microbiology and Virology (later Institute of Medical Biology), Polish Academy of Sciences. Dziadek’s group specializes in the genetic study of mycobacteria. He has published over 140 papers in the field of molecular study of mycobacteria including in leading journals such as Nat Commun., NAR, AAC, Mol. Microbiol., Clin. Microbiol. Rev., Sci. Rep., etc. Dziadek’s laboratory at the IBM PAN has facilities allowing experiments with tubercle bacilli. The Dziadek group's expertise especially in DNA repair, cell division, cholesterol metabolism, and cell wall biosynthesis concerning pathogenesis. The group has successfully applied a wide range of in vitro and in vivo methods for studies of DNA mutagenesis and mutants analysis. Prof. Dziadek was awarded as a leader of more than 10 research projects funded by national and international sources a total of over 10 mln euros. Sixteen Ph.D. Projects were completed in Dziadek’s group and four other students are at different stages of Ph.D. processing. Since 2013 he is a Director of the Institute of Medical Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences.