Admission criteria

Information for Candidates and documents required - 6 year English Division MD program in medicine at The University of Rzeszów for the 2022/2023 academic year.


The tuition fee per semester of English Division medical studies is 6250 EUR (for a full cycle of study 2022-2028: 75 000 EUR)


Online Registration System University of Rzeszów (Link to the recruitment system)



  1. Candidates who possess a document entitling them to study at an appropriate level, on the basis of Admission Criteria (described below), are considered in the qualification procedure and completed all required formalities.
  2. The University of Rzeszów is not responsible for the consequences of the candidate's failure to recognize the information placed on his personal registration account and UR website, and for the data he/she incorrectly enters into the university recruitment system.
  3. The candidate for studies shall submit, on the date and place set by the Rector, a complete set of the following documents:

1) Application form for admission to studies along with a completed personal questionnaire (which is downloaded from the enrollment system);

2) one current photograph of the candidate (in accordance with the requirements used for issuing ID cards) and 1 in electronic version (uploaded by the candidate during registration in the university recruitment system);

3) medical certificate confirming the absence of contraindications to undertake studies in the case of recruitment for a faculty with harmful, onerous or hazardous factors;

4) original power of attorney authenticated by a notary public, in the case of a person acting on behalf of the candidate;

5) translations made by a Polish sworn translator or by a foreign translator and certified by the proper consul of the Republic of Poland of documents that are issued in a foreign language;

6) a document confirming the knowledge of a foreign language specified in Admission Criteria ;

7) a certificate bearing the Apostille that certificate that the secondary school -leaving certificate or high school diploma or university diploma entitle them in the country in which they were issued to take up first-cycle or second-cycle studies, respectively (in the case when such information is not included on the document authorizing to undertake studies). The university may also request information about the grade scale used in the documents referred to above from the candidate.

8) other documents specified in the detailed part of this resolution or in separate provisions.

9) confirmation of payment of the recruitment fee

  1. Documents confirming the knowledge of a foreign language are also certificates, diplomas or other documents confirming the completion of a secondary school abroad in which the classes were conducted in the same foreign language in which the candidate will study in Poland.
  2. In exceptional cases, a foreign candidate with the Rector's consent may submit the originals of the required documents before starting studies.
  3. In the case of studies during which students are exposed to factors that are harmful, burdensome or dangerous to health, a candidate who has qualified for a given field of study receives a referral for medical examinations carried out by an occupational medicine doctor. The candidate is obliged to submit, within the prescribed period, a medical certificate confirming that there are no contraindications to study to the competent Recruitment Committee. Failure to do so makes it impossible to start studies.
  4. A candidate wishing to send documents by traditional mail or by courier is obliged to complete the required documents, authenticate them "to be true to the original" by a Polish notary and send them by post / courier to the address and during working hours of Recruitment Committee, in accordance with the deadlines set by the recruitment representative, made available on the candidate's individual account in the university recruitment system.
  5. Failure to submit the required documents referred to above by the deadline will be tantamount to the candidate's declaration of resignation from applying for admission to higher studies in a given field.
  6. The results of the recruitment procedure for studies are public, by making available in the recruitment system ranking lists of persons participating in the qualification procedure (separately admitted and unaccepted) with identification numbers of the candidates.
  7. Admission to studies takes place by means of entry on the student list.
  8. Refusal of admission to studies is made by means of an administrative decision. The candidate has the right to appeal to the Rector via Central Recruitment Committee against the decision of the Central Recruitment Committee regarding non-admission to studies within 14 days from the date of receipt of the decision.


Admission Criteria


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