2022 r.

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World Health Organization defines obesity as abnormal or excess adipose tissueaccumulation. Nowadays, this condition is a serious threat to the public health inmost countries around the world. Obesity adversely affects physical, mental, and inmost cultures, social well-being. However, throughout the ages—from ancient timesto the 21st century—this condition has been subject to various interpretations. As amatter of fact, obesity has not always been regarded as a disease. For many decades,excessive body weight has been considered rather a symbol of health. It was amarker of wealth and prosperity, as well as a sign of high social status. The centuriesthat passed on the development of science and medicine have gradually changed itsface, but significant progress in understanding the causes and consequences of obe-sity has been made in the last 30 years. This paper presents the historical outline ofobesity and its treatment from ancient times to the present—from its affirmation tothe epidemic in the late 20th and 21st century.

Izquierdo-Sanchez Laura, Lamarca Angela, La Casta Adelaida, Buettner Stefan, Utpatel Kirsten, Klümpen Heinz-Josef, Adeva Jorge, Vogel Arndt, Lleo Ana, Fabris Luca, Ponz-Sarvise Mariano, Brustia Raffaele, Cardinale Vincenzo, Braconi Chiara, Vidili Gianpaolo, Jamieson Nigel B., Ir Macias Rocio, Jonas Jan Philipp, Marzioni Marco, Hołówko Wacław, Folseraas Trine, Kupčinskas Juozas, Sparchez Zeno, Krawczyk Marcin, Krupa Łukasz, Scripcariu Viorel, Grazi Gian Luca, Landa-Magdalena Ana, Nm Ijzermans Jan, Evert Katja, Erdmann Joris I., López-López Flora, Saborowski Anna, Scheiter Alexander, Santos-Laso Alvaro, Carpino Guido, Andersen Jesper B., Jg Marin Jose, Alvaro Domenico, Bujanda Luis, Forner Alejandro, Valle Juan W., Koerkamp Bas Groot, Banales Jesus M., "Cholangiocarcinoma landscape in Europe : Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic insights from the ENSCCA Registry" [w:]Journal of Hepatology,2022 : Vol. 76, iss. 5, p. 1109-1121, p-ISSN: 0168-8278, 200 pkt.


This is, to date, the largest international (pan-European: 26 hospitals and 11 Countries) observational study, in which the course of cholangiocarcinoma has been investigated, comparing the 3 subtypes based on the latest International Classification of Diseases 11th Edition (ICD-11) (i.e., intrahepatic [2C12], perihilar [2C18], or distal [2C15] affected bile ducts), which come into effect in 2022. General and tumor-type specific features at diagnosis, risk factors, biomarker accuracy, as well as patient management and outcomes, are presented and compared, outlining the current clinical state of cholangiocarcinoma in Europe.

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