Dietetics Outpatient Clinic

Address of information system with evidences of research contribution and evidences of societal impact

Evaluated unit

Institute of Health Sciences, College of Medical Sciences, University of Rzeszow


Health Sciences

Title of societal impact case study

Student dietary counseling activities

1. Research contribution

As part of practical classes in the subject "Nutrition in medical conditions", since 2015 a Medical Dietetics Student Clinic has been run in cooperation with the Provincial Specialist Polyclinic (WZS) at ul. Warzywna 3. In the clinic, 2-3 times a week, students admit patients with health problems, educate and create materials for them (recommendations and menus). All activities are free. Patients are referred by specialists from the WZS polyclinic, in particular from the diabetic clinic.

2. Evidence of research contribution

Polak Ewelina, as a ZP instructor, and students participating in the project.

3. Characteristic of societal impact
Nutritional education, prevention of excessive body weight and its health consequences.

4. Evidence of societal impact

Local contribution to the education of patients of a dietary counseling center on a voluntary basis. The evidence are materials prepared for about 200 people 2017-2020.

5. Justification of interdisciplinarity and breakhrough of the research

Cooperation between the University of Rzeszów and the Wojewódzki Zespół Specjalistyczny had an impact on the Podkarpackie region. Patients with obesity and associated type 2 diabetes were educated by dietitian students. Received materials on proper nutrition can be used as reliable knowledge for both the patient and people close to him. It is known that in the era of a lot of information, the average recipient finds it difficult to choose the most important and most reliable.