SRPC-ID: SRPC10-2-2020  | Published online: 10-03-2020 |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Analysis of the nutrition habits of 3rd year students of physical education at the University of Rzeszów in the academic year 2018/2019

Maura Dąbrowiecka1BCDEF | Agata Rzeszutko-Bełzowska1AG

Authors’ Contribution: A - Study Design; B - Data collection; C - Statistical analysis; D - Data interpretation; E - Manuscript Preparation; F - Literature search; G -Funds Collection

Authors' affiliation:
1Institute of Physical Culture Science, University of Rzeszow, Poland


This thesis aims to analyze nutrition habits of 31 third year students of Physical Education at the University of Rzeszów. Nutrition habits after careful analysis were shown in graphical way on diagrams. To gather information students filled questionnaires and 24-hour nutritional interview was conducted. Research shows that in the group consists of two underweight and one overweight student, according to analyses. The nutrition habits of students shows general trend of misnutrition and lack of supplementation in their diet.

Keywords: Students, nutrition, physical education, eating habits