Volume 10 (2020)


SRPC-ID: SRPC10-1-2020  |   Published online: 10-03-2020   |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

VO2max variability of Polish Squash Federation players during the preparatory period

Michał Tor1 | Aleksandra Łoś2 | Aleksandra Jeńć2 |  Nikola Król2

1Institute of Physical Culture Science, University of Rzeszow, Poland
2Medical College of Rzeszow University, University of Rzeszow, Poland


SRPC-ID: SRPC10-2-2020  |   Published online: 10-03-2020   |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Analysis of the nutrition habits of 3rd year students of physical education at the University of Rzeszów in the academic year 2018/2019

Maura Dąbrowiecka1BCDEF | Agata Rzeszutko-Bełzowska1AG

1Institute of Physical Culture Science, University of Rzeszow, Poland


SRPC-ID: SRPC10-3-2020  |   Published online: 22-04-2020   |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

唐Táng 手Shǒu, the forgotten martial art

Edvard Šefer1ABDEFG

1Founder of Monku Jutsu self-defense


SRPC-ID: SRPC10-4-2020  |   Published online: 22-04-2020   |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Diet assessments of female fitness class participants of the most popular fitness clubs and classes in Rzeszow (Poland)

Beata Burdzel1BCDEF | Agata Rzeszutko-Bełzowska1AG

1Institute of Health Sciences of the College of Medical Sciences of the University of Rzeszow, Poland


SRPC-ID: SRPC10-5-2020  |   Published online: 2-05-2020   |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

The development of thediagnostic and training device for armwrestling

Gabriel Harčarik1ABCDEF

1Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies in Košice with its seat in Presov, Presov, Slovakia


SRPC-ID: SRPC10-6-2020  |   Published online: 2-05-2020   |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Dryland vertical jumping abilities in young competitive swimmers

Ivan Matúš1ABCDEF | Róbert Kandráč1ABCDEF | Pavel Ružbarský1ADEF | Bibiana Vadašová1ADEF | Pavol Čech1ADEF

1Faculty of Sports, University of Presov, Presov, Slovakia