SRPC-ID: SRPC12-5-2022  | Published online: 5-10-2022   |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Ayahuasca tourism in the Amazon region

Kogut Kinga1ABC, Liedke Adrianna1DEF

Authors’ Contribution: A - Study Design; B - Data collection; C - Statistical analysis; D - Data interpretation; E - Manuscript Preparation; F - Literature search; G -Funds Collection

Authors' affiliation:
1University of Rzeszow, College of Medical Sciences, Institute of Physical Culture Sciences. Student Research Club of Travelers.

Pages: 42-49

Cite this article: Kogut K., Liedke A. (2022) Ayahuasca tourism in the Amazon region. Scientific Review of Physical Culture 12, p.42-49.


The aim of this study is to present the phenomenon of Ayahuasca tourism among Europeans travelling to the Amazon region and to introduce the reader to basic information about the little-known tradition of Ayahuasca consumption in our area, as well as the rituals and ceremonies that accompany it.
The work presents introductory information on Ayahuasca and information on the decoction itself, i.e. the origin of the name, the ingredients, as well as the mode of action and history.
It also discusses its aatreatment in the health dimension i.e. as an aid to the treatment of diseases of the body and spirit. It is also about the assumptions and objectives of the research. The results of a questionnaire survey of people for whom Ayahuasca was their main destination in the Amazon regions are analysed.

Keywords: tourism, Ayahuasca, trips