SRPC-ID: SRPC12-4-2022  | Published online: 05-10-2022   |  ORIGINAL ARTICLE

Tourist attractiveness of Western Norway in the opinion of tourists

Madej Aleksandra1ABCDEFG, Turlej Magdalena1ABCDEFG

Authors’ Contribution: A - Study Design; B - Data collection; C - Statistical analysis; D - Data interpretation; E - Manuscript Preparation; F - Literature search; G -Funds Collection

Authors' affiliation:
1University of Rzeszow, College of Medical Sciences, Institute of Physical Culture Sciences. Student Research Club of Travelers.

Pages: 31-41

Cite this article: Madej A., Turlej M. (2022) Tourist attractiveness of Western Norway in the opinion of tourists. Scientific Review of Physical Culture 12, p.31-41.


Introduction: Norway is considered one of the most attractive tourist countries in Europe. This region is popular mainly for its richness in natural values, but also its distinctive cultural values deserve attention. The western part of Norway is characterized by a unique fjord landscape, and the country itself is meeting with increasing interest from tourists. It can be observed here that one of the main pillars of tourism development are the environmental values of the fjord coastline. They are conducive to both leisure tourism and undertaking various forms of active tourism.
Aim: The aim of the study was to determine, based on the opinions of tourists, the most popular and most attractive tourist destinations located in Western Norway, as well as to analyze tourist trips undertaken in this region.
Material and methods: The research was conducted using an online questionnaire in December-April 2019. 105 respondents took part in the survey.
Research results: The results of the study show that tourists consider Norway an attractive tourist destination and declare their willingness to visit it again. Tourists usually travel to Western Norway to visit natural tourist attractions, and Geirangerfjorden is considered the most attractive tourist destination in this region.
Conclusions: The answers obtained in the research lead to the conclusion that the tourist attractiveness of the country may be determined by its unique natural values, and the natural attractions of Western Norway may be important for the development of tourism in this region.

Keywords: tourist attractiveness, Norway