Highlights of the course

The Media, Visual and Social Communication course is tailored to provide a well-rounded education that marries theoretical knowledge with practical expertise, key for navigating the digital professional landscape:

Structured Curriculum:

  • A diverse mix of theory, practical workshops, and research projects.
  • Systematic class organization for gradual skill and knowledge enhancement.

Collaborative Learning:

  • Emphasis on teamwork and cross-disciplinary projects.
  • Real-world team dynamics mirroring professional settings.

Active Learning Methods:

  • Case studies, simulations, and fieldwork to foster engagement, critical and analytical

Industry Expertise:

  • Instruction by seasoned professionals for cutting-edge industry insights.

English-Medium Education:

  • All courses conducted in English, fostering proficiency in an international context.

Specialized Language Studies (ESP):

  • Focus on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) to master the professional language of media and design.

Capstone Projects:

  • Opportunity for students to pursue a diploma project in their areas of
  • Research paper development to deepen knowledge and practical skills.

Industry Placements:

  • Partnerships with institutions and companies for hands-on work experience.

Individualized Support:

  • Regular progress checks and personalized learning assistance.

Dynamic Programme Evolution:

  • Continuous updates to align with market trends and student needs.

With a commitment to adaptability and relevance, this course aims to empower students with the competencies that are in demand in today's ever-evolving media, visual, and social communication arenas.