Description of graduate competences

Graduates of the Media, Visual and Social Communication program will be equipped with a comprehensive skill set to excel in a variety of roles within the communication, media, and design sectors:

  • Research Skills: Graduates will be adept at conducting research, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions to inform strategic decisions and communication plans.
  • Interpersonal Skills: With the ability to collaborate effectively across diverse teams and cultures, graduates can lead and build strong relationships while displaying cultural sensitivity.
  • English Communication: Proficiency in both spoken and written English will be a cornerstone, enabling clear idea articulation to a broad audience and opening doors to international careers.
  • Cultural Competence: Understanding and adapting to cultural variances will be a key skill, particularly important in a globalized context.
  • Marketing Acumen: Graduates will have a solid grasp of marketing principles, strategy development, market analysis, and promotion tactics.
  • Graphic Design Expertise: Prepared to craft visuals such as communications materials, logos, and advertising, graduates will be proficient in graphic design tools and software.
  • Multimedia Design Skills: The ability to collaborate on interactive and multimedia projects will position graduates well within cross-functional teams.
  • Content Analysis Proficiency: Critical evaluation of media and communication content, its context, and audience impact will be among the graduates' capabilities.
  • Ethics and Media Law Awareness: Graduates will be well versed in ethical communication standards and media law, including copyright and responsible content use.
  • Social Media Skills: Proficiency in managing and leveraging various social media platforms will be crucial in the digital age.
  • Project Management Competency: Planning, organizing, and managing communication projects will be a key skill set, crucial for implementing successful advertising strategies and campaigns.
  • Social Communication Insight: Advanced knowledge of social communication processes will enable graduates to effectively reach and engage target audiences in various social contexts.

With these competencies, not only will graduates be prepared to enter the job market with confidence but also to contribute innovatively and ethically to their chosen fields.