Career opportunities

Media, Visual, and Social Communication Graduates: Versatile Career Opportunities

Graduates of Media, Visual, and Social Communication are equipped with diverse skills for thriving in both international markets. These competences include:

  • Data Analysis: With strong English communication skills and data analysis abilities, graduates are prime candidates for roles like Data Analyst, helping businesses make informed decisions.
  • Content Creation & Management: As Copywriters or Content Managers, graduates excel at producing and overseeing various forms of content from advertising copy to blogs, leveraging their understanding of online content dynamics.
  • Design & User Experience: With a flair for aesthetics, they are well-suited for positions such as Graphic Designer or UI/UX Designer, focusing on creating engaging designs across digital platforms.
  • Project Management: Managing advertising projects and campaigns, graduates can lead creative teams as Project Managers in advertising agencies.
  • Visual Communication: Specializing in visual content creation, they can craft visuals that complement textual content, enhancing online marketing efforts.
  • Communication & Design for Coaching: Their grasp of communication and design principles allows them to take on educational coaching roles, facilitating learning for individuals or groups.
  • Corporate Communication: In PR agencies and corporate settings, they strategize and manage communication internally and externally, crafting content and communication plans.
  • Marketing: Developing and analyzing marketing strategies and campaigns, they are adept as Marketing Specialists.
  • Social Media: Managing social media profiles, creating engaging content, and assessing campaign success are key roles for Social Media Specialists.
  • Event Management: Organizing and executing events from conferences to cultural gatherings, they handle all facets of event marketing and planning.
  • Public Relations: Building and maintaining public images for brands or individuals, PR Specialists play a crucial role.
  • Digital Product Development: They innovate and refine digital products and services in tech companies, interactive agencies, startups, and IT departments.


An analysis of the local and national market in the context of the profession 'Design, implementation and improvement specialists for digital products and services' provides important insights into the prospects of this profession. Today, in an era of digital transformation, these professionals play a key role in creating innovative solutions that allow companies to compete in the market. Data indicates an increasing demand for these skills both locally and nationally.[1]

Monitoring of non-EU sources on competences for the industry of the future clearly highlights the importance of developing communication competences in various areas. In a global context, communication skills are becoming a key success factor in many industries, both at local and international level.[2]

In addition, according to the theses contained in the study of the website, the IT industry needs humanists,[3] and the IT market is particularly interested in the development of the software market both in higher management positions (the so-called C-level), as well as demand for positions related to process design, learning about customer needs (customer discovery, UX, UI), product management and sales, marketing and research positions. The study programme specified in the application prepares students for entry into the labour market in the above-mentioned professions, and, due to the unique combination of multi-area competences, will enable rapid professional specialization; while with the addition of high-level language competences, graduates will find their place in the global labour market, which, due to the specific nature of the industry, is increasingly moving towards a remote service market.

Current workplace research around the world tends to focus on a specific set of transferable skills that are desired by potential employers. According to the 2023 report published by JSIC (the UK's independent research centre for higher education trends), the most desirable skills in the UK labour market include effective communication, resilience, leadership and management, planning and research skills and adaptability.[4] These findings are supported by the World Economic Forum's 2023 Future of Jobs report, which highlights both current key skills and how they are expected to evolve over the next four years. The two most important are creative and analytical thinking, and the list also includes design and UX, marketing and media, multilingualism and a whole range of management and soft skills.[5] A number of private reports confirm the overriding importance of communication skills, research, analysis and teamwork.[6]

The results of the interviews conducted with representatives of small and medium-sized companies clearly emphasise that hiring a Media, Visual and Social Communication graduate is of significant importance compared to the traditional choice of a marketing agency. Hiring a person with such competences is extremely valuable from the employers' perspective, due to their commitment, ability to better understand the company's specifics, identify its unique needs and effectively implement the employer's vision. With an in-depth knowledge of media, visual communications and social media platforms, this graduate is able to accurately assess project costs and make wise project management decisions within a given time and budget. This holistic approach allows people to better optimise their resources and achieve a more competitive position in the market.

The foundation of the Media, Visual and Social Communication degree course is therefore not only beneficial for graduates, but will also significantly support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with professionals who can effectively adapt their skills to the individual needs and goals of a given business. Today's businesses are increasingly aware of the growing importance of social media, visual presentation and communication in the context of digital transformation. Consequently, being able to employ qualified media, visual and social communication professionals fluent in English is becoming essential for their effective operation. Media, Visual and Social Communication graduates equipped with the right skills are be able to meet the needs of today's businesses in terms of visual content creation, social media management and customer communication. Their comprehensive competences covering the areas of graphics, photography, video, web design, social media analysis or copywriting will make a significant contribution to the development and promotion of companies. In the context of small and medium-sized enterprises, which often have limited resources at their disposal, the opportunity to call on the services of Media, Visual and Social Communication graduates would be of enormous benefit. These professionals are able to tailor their skills and experience to the individual needs and goals of each company, resulting in more effective brand promotion, increased customer engagement and improved online visibility for the company. The creativity and innovation that graduates of this course bring can be an important factor in generating new business ideas and in implementing innovative marketing strategies.

The Media, Visual and Social Communication degree programme adapts students to enter the job market in a variety of professional environments related to media and communication. Thanks to the unique combination of diverse competences, the programme enables rapid professional specialisation, and the high language skills of graduates enable them to navigate their way successfully in the global job market.