Requirements criteria

Course - Media, Visual and Social Communication

Level - Bachelor’s degree

Form - full time

Profile of education - general academic


Compulsory subject

into account
in the recruitment procedure

English - at the national secondary-school examination  level or from the bilingual international baccalaureate examination



For the national secondary-school examination


Basic level

1% = 1 point

Extended level

1% = 2 points


For the bilingual baccalaureate



Additional criterion

when the number of candidates with the same number of points exceeds the limit of available places for the faculty

Native language (where the mother tongue or language of secondary-school tuition is English, another foreign language will be taken into consideration) - at the national secondary-school examination  level.

* The conversion rate for each subject is calculated individually

** The percentage results from the international baccalaureate examination are converted to the equivalent local matriculation result in the following way: extended level = international baccalaureate examination x 1.3. The result is rounded up to the nearest whole number and cannot exceed 100%. The result obtained in this way is treated equally to the result of the Polish matriculation examination at extended level and is consequently multiplied by 2.