Apostillle and legalisation

Why do I need Apostille or legalization / authentication?

Many documents (for instance: school leaving diploma, school transcript) that originate outside of Poland and are intended to be used in Poland must first be "authenticated" or "legalized.” This is a process in which various seals are placed on the document so it is recognized as legal document in other country/-ies. Different countries require different levels of authentication and have different procedures.

Apostille - for countries which are members of Hague Convention

There are two different procedures for legalizing documents. A number of countries is part of the international treaty drafted by the “Hague Conference on Private International Law” (http://www.hcch.net/index_en.php) which abolishes the requirement of diplomatic and consular legalization for public documents originating in one Convention country and intended for use in another. Documents which have been issued in a Convention country and which have been certified by a Convention certificate called an “Apostille” are entitled to recognition in any other Convention country without further authentication. Poland has been a member state of the treaty since 1984. If your country is also a member, your documents are subejct to apostillisation procedure.

Apostille - how can I check if the country that issued my diploma is a member of Hague Convention? If it is, who can Apostillise my diploma?

Apostille certification is issued by competent authorities for each individual member state. For the list of competent authorities of a country that has issued your high school diploma, please go to:


Legalization / authentication - for countries which are NOT members of Hague Convention

Countries which are not part of this convention must follow a legalization (or authentication) procedure which is normally done by diplomatic mission authorities of the country the document is intended to be used in. Once the document is legalized or authenticated, it can be presented to authorities of a target country.

For the list of Polish diplomatic missions abroad please go to:


Candidates from the Faroe Islands should have their diplomas authenticated by The Court in Faroe Islands.