How to search for new universities - international mobility

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (2021-2027)
ECHE - 101009165
Erasmus code - PL RZESZOW02
PIC - 984448830, OID - E10171468



International mobility – A novelty in Erasmus+ 2021-2027 !!!

As part of the project, each university can allocate 20% of the budget for international mobility of students and staff. Each mobility must be preceded by an inter-institutional agreement with the host university.

The list of partner universities includes universities with which the University of Rzeszów has signed inter-institutional agreements. Agreements with partner countries, non-EU countries (not included in the provided list) will be unilateral agreements with a university that wants to accept a student or staff.

Each student or staff can also find a university that wants to accept him. You should then send an e-mail correspondence to the Erasmus+ institutional coordinator of UR - - in order to sign the agreement.