Erasmus+ for UR Students

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (2021-2027)
ECHE - 101009165
Erasmus code - PL RZESZOW02
PIC - 984448830, OID - E10171468



Students, doctoral students of the University of Rzeszów may apply for a mobility abroad under the Erasmus+ programme in accordance with the adopted rules of recruitment, mobility and settlement of stay abroad.

The sequence of actions:

  1. Regulations for the implementation and financing of mobilities abroad of students and graduates of the University of Rzeszów under the Erasmus+ programme
  2. Additional information
  3. Application procedure
  4. Information for qualified students


Departmental coordinators

Erasmus Policy Statement 2021-2027
Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education Institutions 2021-2027
Partner Universities
Statistics of Incomings and Outgoings
Erasmus+ (PL)
Erasmus+ (Eng.)
Erasmus Student Network



University of Rzeszów

Department of Education

Section for Academic Exchange and Foreign Students

ul. Rejtana 16 C, room. 44

35-959 Rzeszów

mgr Aleksandra Dańczyszyn - Outgoing students -, phone: 17 872 15 71
mgr Lucyna Kustra-Kłeczek - Erasmus+ Institutional Coodinator, IIA -, phone: 17 872 10 71
mgr Anna Zając -
Incoming students -, phone: 17 872 15 72