mgr inż. Justyna Belcar

Justyna Belcar.jpg [48.38 KB]ORCID: 0000-0002-2306-8716

The topic of my dissertation is „Development of an optimal technology for the cultivation of winter wheat with the use in the malting and brewing industries”

The main subject of the research is the optimization of the technology of growing common wheat using it for malting and brewing purposes, including the selection of appropriate wheat varieties, the date and method of application of nitrogen fertilization, determining the cost intensity of growing cereals used for beer production, and then determining the optimal conditions for the process of malting winter wheat grains and the quality of the obtained wheat malt. The results obtained as a result of the conducted research will allow the results to be applied to agricultural practice in order to determine the optimal conditions for sowing, growing and caring for winter wheat. This will allow to determine the optimal technology of wheat cultivation, allowing to obtain grain of high technological quality (raw material base for obtaining high-quality wheat malt desired by malters and brewers) while at the same time profitable production (desired by farmers). The use of the studied wheat varieties will form the basis for the development of breeding research on the selection and classification of wheat varieties dedicated to the brewing industry.

Scientific interests also include determining the mechanical and chemical properties of fruits, methods of extending their storage and researching the possibility of using selected fruits as an additive to the production of wheat beers. The results of the obtained research will allow to optimize the conditions of fruit storage and enable the introduction of new beer products to the market.

Scientific interests also include the possibility of using wheat and barley malt as a substance improving selected food products and the impact of added malt on the physical, chemical and textual properties of cereal products. The research is carried out due to the search by consumers for food products, including bakery products, not only with the desired taste qualities, but also containing additives of natural origin in their composition.


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