mgr Sebastian Moskalski

zdj_tlo_s_Moskalski.png [7.81 MB] ORCID: 0000-0002-2003-350X

The topic of my dissertation is “Teal organizations – social functioning in an innovative cultural mode”.

The main research problem constituting the basis of the project is the problem of the functioning of an individual in an innovative cultural model. Turquoise management was considered such a cultural model, which is based, inter alia, on self-management, shared responsibility, a culture of trust, security, evolutionary goal and the pursuit of the whole, as well as freedom contained in commonly accepted principles. The main goals of the project are to investigate how individuals function in the turquoise paradigm and whether it is possible to operate this paradigm outside the business sphere, e.g. in education.

The expected research results will allow for a new perspective on issues related to turquoise organizations. The use of sociological theoretical models such as the concept of social reproduction (Pierre Bourdieu), the culture of trust (Piotr Sztompka), contemporary psychological theory of minds and a new typology of intelligence (Carol Dweck) give this problem new contexts. Scientific research in the field of education and the issues of accumulation of professional and non-professional capital may lead to the identification of new categories (e.g. the turquoise identity covering many spheres of life), as well as indicate the future of the turquoise paradigm, mental orientation (e.g. the category of turquoise social groups). The answer to the question contained in the main research problems - who is a person operating in the turquoise paradigm - will extend the current considerations on the turquoise paradigm undertaken from the management perspective.



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