mgr Krystian Mularz


ORCID: 0000-0002-5011-6576

The topic of my dissertation is: „Social ties of students of Rzeszów universities”

Social ties are a special element of broadly understood social life. This concept is ambiguous and is included in various theoretical concepts. Social bonds can be defined as essential relationships necessary for the proper functioning of a person in society. For the purposes of the research, the focus was on the social ties of students of universities in Rzeszów with the emphasis on formal and emotional ties. In the research concept, the model of ties by Aldona Żurek was used, which takes into account four criteria: 1) number of significant social relations; 2) the content of the ties; 3) emotional energy in relations; 4) relationship obligations. Research questions concern the formation of social ties among students of universities in Rzeszów on the basis of the above-mentioned four criteria and the role played by individual and socio-cultural factors in the process of forming ties.

The theoretical and cognitive objective of the undertaken research is to learn and describe the social ties of students of Rzeszów universities. The study will show what properties are characterized by social ties of students from Rzeszów universities, and the results will be a reference for future research. The practical and implementation objective is to develop proprietary proposals for activities aimed at the academic community, aimed at strengthening social ties in a university with the use of individual and social cultural resources. The results will show how students perceive relationships in the social environment of a university. In this way, a diagnosis of the relationship will be presented, which will allow for the dissemination of good practices and proposing activities aimed at improving the quality of social ties in the academic environment.

In the research results published about social ties so far, there are many references to intergenerational relations (L. Dyczewski), ties in marriage (M. Plopa) or the bonds of Polish migrants abroad (M. Milewski, J. Ruszczak-Żbikowska). In Rzeszów, the precursor of research on social ties is Marian Malikowski, who analyzed the attitudes of residents towards the city. However, there is a lack of current research on social ties in the group of academic youth. The university is a cognitively important research area because it can support bonding processes with the use of social cultural resources.


1.Mularz K., Media społecznościowe a budowanie wizerunku i relacji międzyludzkich, [w:] Kotowska A., (red.), Świat (po)cyfrowej rewolucji. W kręgu analiz socjologicznych, Rzeszów 2019.