mgr Gabriela García Vera


ORCID: 0000-0003-3334-4283

The topic of my dissertation is: ”International and criminal legal aspects of artificial intelligence”

I am a PhD student in the discipline of legal sciences. My research focus on criminal law and artificial intelligence, in particular autonomic cars and lethal autonomic weapons.

My interest in new technologies was piqued when the technical and technological progress that can be observed in recent years has led to far-reaching changes in the structure of the organization of society and human work. The physical effort and intellectual aspects of its functioning in the most essential areas of life are now being replaced by systems and machines programmed to mimic human intelligence. The new situation causes many fears and questions regarding, among others: the place of man in the surrounding artificial intelligence, a system of control over observance and possible violation of human rights, and above all, the principles of responsibility for undesirable actions of these devices. The validity of the existing provisions of criminal law was questioned.

The dissertation is devoted to the topic of criminal liability for artificial intelligence activities. Its aim is to show the extent to which artificial intelligence is already used in various areas of life, analyse the disadvantages as well as dangers of excessive reliance on artificial intelligence algorithms, show far-reaching consequences in the event of a mistake, and answer the question whether Polish criminal law has regulations which constitute the basis for prosecuting a person for machine errors.

The results of the analysis of law conducted in terms of artificial intelligence, and the comments de lege lata as well as postulates de lege ferenda, will allow the initiation of a scientific discourse within the represented scientific discipline. It may also contribute to the identification of significant problems resulting from rapid technological development, which is not in concordance with the pace of creating appropriate regulations governing the activities of artificial intelligence. The dissertation will constitute a practical compendium of knowledge, and its outcome may contribute not only to the development of science but also to subsequent legislative changes.



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