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The topic of my dissertation is: “Fourier-transform spectroscopy of the 13C18O isotopologue and deperturbation analysis of the A1Π(v = 0 - 5) states”

Main field of my interest is Fourier transform spectroscopy of diatomic molecules, in particular carbon monoxide. That molecule has a very large significance for astronomy and astrophysics, because it is the second, besides molecular hydrogen, most abundant compound of the interstellar medium (ISM). Carbon monoxide is also present in atmospheres of planets and exoplanets, comet tiles, circumstellar discs, interstellar clouds, nebulae and is detected even in Solar spectra.

My goal is to obtain spectra of the 13C18O isotopologue, interpret them and perform a full deperturbation analysis of the v = 0 – 5 vibrational levels of the A1Π electron state. I am going to study the A1Π state, because it has one of the most complex energy structures among all electronic states of diatomic molecules. The complexity of A1Π comes from many types of extensive and multi-state perturbations. Thus, the attempts to investigate this state are a noteworthy scientific challenge.

The results of my work are expected to provide meaningful experimental information that is needed in many astronomical and astrophysical applications.


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  2. I. Malicka, S. Ryzner, A. N. Heays, N. De Oliveira, R. Field, W. Ubachs, R. Hakalla, Deperturbation analysis of the A1Π(v = 2) level in the 12C18O isotopologue, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, 273: 107837 (2021) (MNiSW points: 100; IF: 3,05)
  3. Ryzner, M. I. Malicka, A. N. Heays, R. Field, N. De Oliveira, W. Szajna, W. Ubachs, R. Hakalla, VUV–VIS FT spectroscopy of the rare 13C18O isotopologue of carbon monoxide: Analysis of the A1Π(v = 1) multiply-perturbed level, Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 279: 121367 (2022) (MNiSW points: 140; IF: 4.10)


  1. Vrije University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Amsterdam, Nederlands (prof. Wim Ubachs)
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry, Cambridge, USA (prof. Robert W. Field)
  3. Synchrotron SOLEIL, Orme de Merisiers, St. Aubin, Cedex, France (dr Nelson de Oliveira)
  4. J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Praga, Czech Republic (dr Alan Heays)