mgr inż. Michał Kaczor


ORCID: 0000-0002-0600-3363

The topic of my dissertation is „The impact of the system parameters on the entanglement in spin chain coupled to the bosonic reservoir”

Entanglement is a distinctive feature of the quantum composite systems. When the two (or more) quantum systems interact with each other, the non-classical correlations between them are created and it results in a situation where the state of a whole system is more precisely described than the states of the component subsystems - in other words, it is impossible to describe the states of system elements independently. Entanglement is a crucial resource in quantum information theory, utilized in state teleportation, quantum cryptographic protocols, construction of quantum information registers or dense coding procedures in quantum computers. The main problem with it originates from its extreme sensitivity on the external conditions and decoherence in time. The main purpose of my analysis is to determine the impact of the system parameters on the bipartite entanglement in a spin chain: as an isolated system, with external field or coupled to the bosonic reservoir. The parameters my reasearch is taking into account are: exchange integrals, magnetic and electric field, spin-orbit coupling parameters and characteristics of the reservoir. The aim of the investigation is to find such values of the mentioned quantities, for which the entanglement is the highest or the decoherence is as slow as possible. The results might be used as a guidelines for  preparation of systems capable to maintain high entanglement.


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