mgr inż. Barbara Linek

Linek Barbara.png [682.55 KB] ORCID: 0000-0001-9015-3120

The topic of my dissertation is “Photon induced processes for LHC and EIC energies”

The subject of my work is the analysis of the properties of elementary particles within the Standard Model in order to better understand the role of photons in hard processes, so far research in this field of science has focused primarily on the production processes of heavy quarks, used as flagship processes for the study of perturbative quantum chromodynamics (QCD). In recent years, the role of sub-mechanisms in particle production, including photon processes, has also been analyzed.

The aim of my research is to theoretically investigate selected photon-induced processes occurring in collisions of leptons, hadrons and atomic nuclei in the high-energy area. These studies include the development of new methods and the execution of unique calculations for the exclusive production processes of a small number of elementary particles of the Standard Model.

The studies of exclusive and semi-exclusive processes in electron-proton and electron-nucleus collisions conducted by me are of particular importance due to the possibility of obtaining the missing description of the experimental data described so far with the help of dominant processes. Those studies related to the construction of the EIC accelerator in the laboratory in Brookhaven in the USA , where such processes will be experimentally carried out in a wide energy range 20 <√s <140 GeV.


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