mgr Wojciech Stącel

Nr ORCID:  0000-0001-8902-3046

The topic of my dissertation is „The Przeworsk Culture in south-eastern Poland and western Ukraine. Settlement Monograph”.

The aim of the dissertation is to present the monograph of the Przeworsk Culture settlement of in south-eastern Poland and in the adjacent areas of  the Ukraine, primarily in the upper Dniester basin. The time frame is the cultural cycle covering the younger pre-Roman period, the Roman period and the Migration Period. The aim of the work is to define local and supra-regional features of the Przeworsk culture - material culture, settlement network, economy and funeral customs as well as the possible influences of  the neighbouring cultural units during the Roman period. The contacts of the Przeworsk culture population from south-eastern Poland and western Ukraine with more distant cultural centres, including Celtic culture and above all with the Roman world are also worth mentioning. It is important for us to know what society looked like and what cultural processes and changes took place in a given territory, from the early pre-Roman period to the Early Migration Period. It influences on our perception of the cultural situation in these periods. Due to the dissertation the amount of information about material culture will be increased what in turn will provide new information about the economic and social history of a the given region. Then we will know more about the spiritual culture in the area of interest to us. Furthermore, the problem of population movements in the given period will also be illustrated and separate features and relationships with other cultural units will be also presented. If settlement transformations are shown, it will confirm or transform our knowledge about the cultural situation in the area and period of interest to us. The content of the dissertation will influences on the development of science in a given scientific discipline.


  1. Publikacja naukowa w Podkarpackim Biuletynie Konserwatorskim pt.: „Kultura przeworska w południowo-wschodniej Polsce – zarys problematyki, stan i potrzeby badań”  (Autorzy: T. Bochnak, W. Stącel).