Rzeszow tour

On October 21, a tour of Rzeszow took place for Erasmus+ students.

The tour began with a visit to the Rzeszow Market Square. Then the students walked along Sobieskiego Street towards the Synagogue, where they found out the story about about the history of the Old and New Town of Rzeszow. Continuing the walk, the guide tour shared a story about the Monument to Soldiers of the Home Army and the music-light fountain. The next attraction was the Lubomirski Summer Palace, followed by a walk along Pod Kasztanami Avenue, the next stop was at the monument to the founder of Rzeszow Jan Pakoslawic.

Later on the group went along the promenade of 3 Maja Street visiting: Holy Cross Church, a place associated with Ignacy Lukasiewicz, Tadeusz Nalepa's monument, and then Farny Square, where the parish church of St. Stanislav and St. Adalbert (the oldest building in the city) and the 30-meter bell tower are located. Next: the monument to Colonel Fox Kula and the Wiedemann Plan (an 18th century plan of Rzeszow painted on a wall. Continuing the journey to the Bernardine Monastery. Along the way a short story about the famous monument to the revolutionary deed. During the walk, the students had a chance to visite the most important places of Rzeszow and learned about the history of the city.

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