Call for participation in international research on history museums

We would like to invite students from Poland and other European countries (e.g. Erasmus+ participants) to participate in an NCN study (principal investigator Zofia Wóycicka, PhD, Warsaw University) on the perception of contemporary historical museums by Generation Z. The study will cover three museums - in Krakow (students from Krakow) in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship (students from Rzeszów) and in Berlin (students from Berlin). The survey will provide an opportunity to get to know an interesting exhibition and to reflect together on its strengths and weaknesses.

How will it look like?

  1. short online interview | 30 min, end of April/beginning of May,
  2. free entrance to the exhibition, with joint discussion after the visit will be conducted, three persons at a time | one day, second half of May,
  3. online meeting for all one month after the visit | online, 60 min.

Students will be paid 200 PLN gross for participation in the study.

Remember, the research will be confidential and will be used in scientific publications.

All interested people and those who have any questions are welcome to contact:
Zofia Zakroczymska
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: 664060999

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