A trip for Erasmus+ students

On November 25-26, 2023, a two-day trip organized for Erasmus+ students took place. 76 students went to Auschwitz, Kraków and Wieliczka.

The trip began with a visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp (1940-1945), one of the four Nazi concentration camps established on occupied Polish lands, which were part of the pre-war territory of the Polish state. The next day, the tour participants went to the Historic Wieliczka Salt Mine, which was included on the UNESCO list in 1978 as one of the first 12 sites in the world. And finally, the students visited Krakow, one of the oldest cities in Poland, and also a gem of national cultural heritage. In the past, it served as the capital of Poland and the seat of kings; currently it is a vibrant city located on the Vistula River with a magnificent old town and the royal castle, visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world.


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