Legalization of stay

A foreigner planning to study in Poland should legalize their stay for the duration of their education.

Foreign students have TWO options for legalizing their stay in Poland - applying for a visa or a temporary residence permit (residence card).


Schengen ("C") visa

A uniform Schengen visa is valid within the Schengen area and entitles you to stay on the territory of all Schengen countries. The length of stay or stays may not exceed 90 days within any 180-day period.

A Schengen visa with limited territorial validity is valid for the territory of one or more, but not all, Schengen countries and entitles the holder to stay or stays in their territory for a period not exceeding 90 days within each 180-day period.

National ("D") visa

A national visa type "D" entitles the holder to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland and to a continuous stay or to several consecutive stays in the territory, which together last more than 90 days during the period of validity of the visa and no more than one year.

A national visa type "D" also entitles one to move within the territory of other Schengen countries for up to 90 days within 180 days during the period of validity of the visa.

Student visa

A visa with the annotation "student" can only be obtained by full-time students or persons going to Poland to take a preparatory course for university studies.

A foreigner applying for a national visa with the endorsement "student" , to justify the purpose of travel shall submit:

  • A certificate from the unit conducting the studies on enrollment or continuation of studies.
  • Proof of payment of tuition fees, if he enters or continues his studies for a fee.
  • A document confirming that he/she has sufficient funds to cover the cost of living and return travel to the country of origin or residence, or the cost of transit to a third country that grants entry, and the cost of studies.*

Temporary residence permit

EU citizens

Citizens of EU member states are entitled to enter the territory of Poland on the basis of a valid travel document (passport/ID card). If the stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland is longer than three months, the citizen of the European Union is obliged to register his/her stay.

Citizens of non-EU countries:

Being a citizen of a non-EU country, you may cross the external border of the EU, including the Polish border, provided you have:

  • a valid travel document,
  • a valid visa, if required,
  • a legitimate purpose for your intended stay and documented possession of means capable of ensuring your subsistence during your intended stay and return to your country of origin, or the ability to obtain such means by lawful means,
  • adequate health insurance.

All formalities for legalization of stay should be handled at the consulate in the student's country of residence (in the case of a visa) or at the Department of Foreigners' Affairs (in the case of a temporary residence permit).

Formalities related to legalization of stay in Poland and a residence card can be handled at the Department of Civil Affairs and Foreigners of the Podkarpackie Voivodship Office, 15 Grunwaldzka Street.

Foreigners should register for a temporary stay on Polish territory at the Department of Civil Affairs of the Rzeszow City Hall, 1 Okrzei St. In order to fulfill the registration obligation, one should collect the appropriate document from the dormitory manager, fill it out and go to the above-mentioned address with a valid passport.

Those living in private apartments must have a rental agreement for the premises or a special form with the owner's consent to register. Detailed information can be obtained from the Department of Civil Affairs of the Rzeszow City Hall, 1 Okrzei Street.