Rules for reviewing the articles

  1. The Editorial Board supported by external Reviewers ensure an adequate substantive quality of the papers
  2. All papers are evaluated by the editorial office and may be immediately rejected if they are considered to be out of the Journal’s scope or otherwise unfit for consideration. At the stage of the preliminary review Authors may be asked for the necessary corrections.
  3. Papers which passed an initial evaluation are sent to external Reviewers. Every paper is reviewed at least by two independent Reviewers from outside the institution with which the Authors are affiliated. 
  4. All papers are subject to a double-blind review process, in which the Author’s name is not disclosed to the Reviewer, and the Reviewer’s name is not disclosed to the Author.
  5. All papers are assessed using the Review form.
  6. The names of the Reviewers of particular papers or Journal’s issues are not disclosed.
  7. Each review must end with an explicit decision on whether to accept the paper for publication (in its current form or after changes) or reject it.
  8. Authors must receive two positive reviews for the paper to be published.
  9. Authors must take into account the Reviewers’ remarks and comments or provide reasons for refusing to accept them.
  10.  Should the Reviewers provide contrary assessments, the article will be accepted for publication if the third Reviewer or the committee of Subject Editors provide a positive review. Two negative reviews mean that the article is rejected by the Editorial Board.
  11. Articles implementing statistical methods will be subject to statistical evaluation. 
  12. The Publishing Office of the University of Rzeszów also provides language editing for the papers published. 
  13. The final decision whether or not to publish the article rests with the Editorial Board.